Gents Gift


Made one-of-a-kind

Art pictures encased in glass inside the jewelry box.

 $1,000,000   US Currency.

1 million dollars to be deposited.  Up to$200,000 to be used for a statue or hospital philanthropic of buyer’s choice, or $200,000 to be returned to the buyer.  Optional. The only one in the world!

Ego rich unique exotic gift ideas, for birthday, Christmas, celebrate any occasion and congratulations.    Men’s exquisite jewelry, ring and art.

Who is the gents?

Jewelry box

English antique Georgian rosewood jewelry box, lock with key.  The interior has been French polished using traditional method and tastefully converted into beautiful professionally elegant relined original.

The interior of the box has been lined with a luxurious plush material to keep your jewelry well protected.  The material has also been applied to the underside of the box to prevent polished furniture from getting scratched.  I have also made a bespoke walnut tray, which is also lined and polished.  I made the tray dividers, again out of walnut.  These can be removed and / or repositioned in order to suit the requirements for your jewelry.  In addition this box had a secret drawer at the bottom which can be seen in the photos.

Recently I have received enquiries as to whether the boxes would suit watches, pen collections, etc. If the layout of the tray does not suit your requirements, I might be able to change the design to suit your needs.  If you contact me prior to purchasing with your ideas then I may be able to redesign the tray and dividers for you.

The outside measurements of the box are approximately

11.75”  x  8.5”  x  5.5”

All my boxes come with a working lock and key.

These truly are unique items and no two will ever be the same. Please study the pictures carefully as the constitute part of the description.  All my boxes have been restored to a high standard, however, please bear in mind that they are still over 100 years old and therefore may have some age related marks.

Ego  Riches

“Art pictures”

Ring diamonds, sapphires, and 18k gold.

World in Gents

Wesley Luse owner of  260+ domain names registered with  Go Daddy.

  Army was 1968 Vietnam war veteran affected by Agent Orange. 

 In Omaha, was a  realtor and broker, greyhound owner, published writer. In Florida, baker, real estate, mortgage broker, Life Insurances, CFP (Center Finance Rate), Ebayer land, waterfront land investor.

Suffered a stroke (Vietnam war veteran affected by Agent Orange) in 2008.    Wesley Luse was paralyzed on his right side, and lost part of his memory.

English antique Georgian rosewood wood jewelry box.  Picture framed glass original 3 signatures.

Kathy Luse

Buying gifts for men is difficult especially for the man who has everything. Our unique list of men's exquisite gifts has everything.   Wealth and entitlement and studies on wealth and well-being reveal that individuals with plenty of money.  She loves her gents.

"I'm her bitch"!!!

I’m making great progress with my speech and writing skills, and have invested a lot of time on the computer and have become interested in aquiring  domain names, especially those with the word “gents” in it. Like,,, etc.

I have over 260+ Go Daddy domain names. People from all over have contacted me, and call me the gents. After awhile I realized that because of my domain names,  I’m known as The Gents all around the world and have the trademark.

Jewelry Products YOUR MARK: GENTS1    (stylized and/or with design, MRK

I’ve always been creative, and thinks outside the box. I owe my successes from reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  From the stroke, was some brain damage causing  amnesia.  I had to relearn all the basic skills we are taught in kindergarden, like reading, writing and telling time. I didn’t know who my wife or family was, or my own name. The only word I could say was computer. In my mind, I thought I as saying to my wife “I love you,” but I was really saying “computer, computer, computer.”

Against All Odds…

Doctors told me I’d be lucky if I recover 50%. A few months later while looking through a magazine at the pictures, I noticed I could read again. Then I started recognizing and remembering   family members  and was able to start talking again too. Against the odds, I was recovering!  Everything started to pop.

  I always felt chilled or cold even in the summer time and would wear a sports jacket where ever I went especially when I wore jeans. People would admire it and say I looked like a gentleman, or such a gents.

While watching the news on TV, I started noticing that many news casters were wearing the same look; a blazer with jeans. Now everyone is wearing that look!


Urban Dictionary:  Gents short gentlemen, Host:  Ladies and Gents.Gents example:  Suit blazer, with or without a tie, dress jeans, athletic, sneakers, or red wing shoes, vest, 3 day beard, styled hair, wax, pomade, and gel.